Mass Address- The end of data brothels

Data Brothels

Data Brothels

Every year in this country, the US Postal Service earns billions of dollars by selling American's Change-Of-Address data to companies called list cleaners. A list cleaner is a company who pays the Post Office to receive Change-Of-Address data on citizens. The list cleaner turns around and sells this data to ANYONE who can prove they knew your old address. It's a multi-billion dollar industry and it fuels identity theft like wildfire. 

When you take this current practice and couple it with the Equifax data breach, you open the door for bad actors to buy the stolen Equifax data off of the Dark Web and track half of the country's population. It is a concern of National Security. Mass Address decentralizes change of address data and completely eliminates third parties from accessing your change of address. It puts the citizen in control of their change of address. 

Make no mistake. The US Postal Service does one thing and one thing exceptionally well; deliver the mail. Where they fail to deliver is handling data. Specifically, change of address data. The system in place which handles changes of address was not designed for the 21st century. It cannot provide the level of service for which it was built. It has now become a liability. 

America needs to change how we update our address and it starts with Mass Address!